Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Into the Future

I can't figure out if I am meant to be more nomadic and more of a traveller or that I have travelled too much already and I am unsettled.  I do like travelling, but not in an "out there" sense where I am not sure where I am going next.  I don't like it when travelling becomes stressful.  I like the idea of having everything planned out.  But then a part of me is torn ... especially when I think of the different places that I have been and am drawn to now.  Memories attached to geographical locations.  I feel like they are lost there somehow.  I don't own them and I am not able to return to some of those places.

Maybe that's memories though.  There is a sense of not being able to return.  We must move forward.  I am nostalgic, so that doesn't always sit well with me.  I don't much want to move forward at the expense of not being able to travel and return to places that hold value for me.  Are those memories holding me back though?  Am I to be moving forward, trusting in and having faith in the future, in God in the future?

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