Thursday, January 2, 2014

Messages from God

I was talking to Jeremy tonight about the Bible and about believing.  Wow ... my thoughts have changed a bit I think.  And by rights, they would have had to.  I mean, I had no room in my faith for the journey that I have been on.  I guess that's what scared me most about it.  

I said to Jeremy that it's not so much our interpretation of what we think God is saying in this verse, or that verse, or through this person or that person.  It's still too impersonal.  It matters only what we feel that God is saying to us.  And I want to believe that God will use many different ways to talk to me.  That's what I would like to believe.

So that said.  What is God saying to me today?  I can see the letters of my name, Cindy.  And on those letters are angels holding onto each of the letters.  And next to the letters is a flask of perfume and an empty bottle / vessel.  My name is a sweet perfume to God.  The empty flask represented the start and commencement of a factory, glass containers.  It would be the first of many vessels.  Perhaps the perfume is to be like the oil for the widow who poured it out into many vessels, as many as she could find.  And the oil was poured out into these vessels.  Somehow, the fragrance of my life, the Holy Spirit, will be poured out and will fill many vessels.  And there is a rock on that table with the word "Serenity" on it, which means peace.  

Wow, interesting.

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